As much as I love creativity and coming up with new ideas and products, I’ve been falling quite short over the last couple of months.  Much of this is due to the approaching change inching its way into our lives.  Only a few months into our marriage Thomas and I felt a burden on our … More Change.


Things have been shifting quite a bit in the nest.  The purpose of this post is not to apologize for the long pause, but to gain some perspective of a new journey we find ourselves on.  I adore the beautiful things of home decor, and the joy that comes from crafting and designing. I enjoy … More Silence.

Graciously Green

It’s the weekend, the sun is out and they are calling for the 60s on Sunday!  I cannot believe it.  I only have spring fever that much more.  In fashion of my adoration for this lovely spring I am working on a mini series focuses on simple and affordable decor ideas to bring in a … More Graciously Green


So life has been a little coo coo in our nest.  I have been filling orders and adding to the booth, while Thomas works steadily on our sunroom. Home renovations are no joke.  I know I gave a glimpse into this journey before, but I want to be real with y’all before you decide to … More Renovation

Snow Day!

Southerners have mixed opinions about winter weather. Some are elated at the first flake, while others flock to the store in terror to stock up on milk sandwiches. One thing stands true for all of us in the south, we were made for warmer weather.  I know many that still love to bundle up and … More Snow Day!


I know I’ve been quiet on the home front lately, but with good reason. A Novel Nest now has a booth! I am very excited to be able to share our happy things with you in person! If you are local and would like to check it out, our booth is located inside Melville Trading … More Surprise!