Be Our Guest!

Happy Friday!  One of my favorite things about Friday is having friends and family over to visit!  Last Friday my father-in-law came to stay with us.  I am always looking for ways to make others feel more comfortable and welcomed in my home.  Sadly, the one room in our house that is well “less than loved” is our guest bedroom.  It’s the one room in our house we have yet to paint.  That poor neglected room remains the orange undertone beige that our entire home was painted when we moved in (yikes!).  We managed to get a few pieces of furniture to make it livable, but it still remained stale and lifeless. My first step to a riveting guest room was to start small.  Not long after we moved in I discovered some gems in our garage, old windows!  There were only a few, but they varied in sizes and were at my favorite price… free.  I am a bit of a thrift junkie.


I still have yet to decide if I want to paint the window yet or not.  If you are curious where the rest of the decor came from I recently found the canvas “r” on clearance at Target.  The tricycle and potted greenery came from Michaels.  The greenery has been traveling around our house for quiet some time, but the plant holder I purchased a couple of weeks ago during their spring sale.


Here’s an overall view.  I will keep you updated on the room color; we’ve already got the paint color picked out!


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