Decorating is one of my biggest passions.  I love seeing the change, developing color schemes, and adding depth to what is already in place.  I cannot tell you how many times I have changed the color scheme in our house- in the short two years we’ve lived here!  I am ashamed to admit the amount of hours I poured into comparing paint and fabric swatches to existing home decor and furniture.  While my heart and eyes develop a grande plan, our budget says no.  In this clashing state of heart and mind, I came to develop a system of keeping decor costs down.

  1. Buy clearance fabric.  I love fabric.  Almost as much as I love paint.  I can swoon over an alluring pattern for hours.  Trips to the craft store have become entrancing journeys through my personal Narnia. It’s sad.  DSC_0752
  2. Shop local thrift and antique stores.  I was a little fearful of this concept when I first started poking around in other’s unwanted items, but when you check the price tag it’s well worth it.  I like to check out both antique and thrift stores as each offers it’s own benefit.  If I am looking for a basic item, such a candle stick, something that could be easily painted and brought to life I am heading to the thrift store because, well it’s thrifty. If I am looking for a more specific item that may not be as generic I target antique stores. Below is one of my favorites I found antiquing with my mother-in-law!DSC_0776
  3. Keep paint samples with you.  Considering there is already a medley of items in my purse, I just like to throw these in for some variety!  Samples are actually quite handy, by keeping these little guys around it has saved an immense amount of time and money.   DSC_0761
  4. Be loyal.  I shop the same stores over and over again.  While this may sound redundant my personal strategy is to become familiar with the merchandise.  My sought after good may be $50 the first time I see it, but attentiveness pays off when they mark it 30 percent off in a few weeks.  This buddy hangs out on the table beside our window.  He was an end of season clearance!  DSC_0788
  5. Tenacity over temptation.  Depending how much I need (want) something I may wait for it.  Even booths at antique malls put there merchandise on sale once and a while.  If you can wait for it than do it; it may pay off in the end!

Happy decorating!



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