Sneak Peak!

We live in a comfortable cottage.  The size of our home is not immense, but we like it that way.  One feature I love about our home is the entryway.  Our foyer is on the smaller side, but it holds everything we need.  The decor in our entryway has progressed over the last couple years.  Our door started out off white, was later painted white, and it is currently Coco by Annie Sloan.  I know, three different shades of paint may seem extensive for the course of two years!  The first change came about when we decided to paint the trim in the house (which of course meant painting all the doors too).  Our next change came about from a certain beagle that takes up residence in our home.  This time I decided to use chalk paint for the door.  So far I have been pleased with the durability of the paint and it’s resilience to a particular puppy. The original light fixture was this lovely explosion of brass, straight from the 1980s.  Changing out our light fixtures has also been a work in progress.  When settled on one for the foyer we chose this semi-flush mount.  I would have loved a grande chandelier, though the height of the ceiling inhibited my lavish thoughts.







The art work and mantel were some of our first purchases as home owners.  Both were purchased at Home Goods.  The succulents were added on this spring.  I personally think they are quite fun!  More to come of our home…

Happy Friday!



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