Two Years and Counting!

It is amazing how quickly two years went by.  A couple years ago at this time I was running around making sure everything was squared away in between having makeup and photos.  One of the fun things I enjoyed about our wedding was the DIY.  I also learned a lot from doing a DIY wedding that I’d love to pass along to you!

  1. Get Started Early.  We had a 4.5 month engagement, so needless to say we were booking it!181 g&t 9.13 sm
  2. Pick and choose.  Not everything can be a DIY project.  We had our cake and a few other desserts made by a local baker, ordered a few arrangements, and ordered our invitations online.211 g&t 9.13 sm
  3. Ask for help! It was all hands on deck for our wedding. We had family, friends, and neighbors helping out.  My sweet mother-in-law even asked to borrow the neighbors ferns for decor. You never know until you ask!088 g&t 9.13 sm
  4. Keep it simple.  Weddings are a wonderful thing.  I love attending all kinds, but at the end of the day it’s about you, your husband, and the covenant you make with God.  Decide which things are most important to you and focus on those things.190 g&t 9.13 sm
  5. Plan for chaos.  It’s going to happen, just roll with the crazy.  At the end of the day it will all pan out and you can laugh about it.  The week leading up to a wedding can be very stressful for all involved and the day of even more so, but focusing on the things that truly matter can relieve a lot of stress. 558 g&t 9.13 lg

I am so thankful to have this guy as my best friend and to share my life with him!
408 g&t 9.13 lg

*All photos are courtesy of Becca’s Pics!


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