Framing Fabric

Clearance fabric is a weakness of mine along with chocolate, coffee, and puppies.  I started out using it for “normal” fabric items like pillows and curtains.  Unfortunately, there seems to be a limit to the number of these that fit in our home. When I first started decorating our home I got a taste of wall art expense.  In one of my Friday afternoon creative rampages I started grabbing what I had to develop my own wall art, which meant a lot of fabric! Here’s my process.
1. Determine what portion of the fabric want to frame.

2. Check the size of your frame.  Does the area you prefer fit inside?

3. Cut fabric to size. I cut so the width and length are the same size as the entire frame, leaving no room for movement.

4. Put your frame back together and hang it up!


Here’s the first birth of my frantic creative spree!  She hangs out in our dining room.

Happy Friday!


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