Words for Your Wednesday

One may find this surprising, but my husband and I only have one television in our house and no cable!  We love it that way; it drives encouragement to explore our hobbies and invest in our relationship.  One hobby we share is reading.  I am a bit of a bibliophile. I love various types of books, but usually am deep in a non-fiction collection.  My current book is Be Still My Soul by Elisabeth Elliot.  She is an amazing author and has an interesting story of boldness and faith.  I am only into chapter three at the moment, but the stories are compelling and Elisabeth makes quite the statement on the character of God. This combination leads to inspiration and also conviction.  Intermittently, life seems stale and often my heart does too.  It amazes me how God uses other people (including authors) to bring encouragement to my journey.  Elisabeth Elliot has been on of those authors.  Her writing reflects the organic ways of human nature and the truth of God’s determination to seek his children, despite our earthly desires.


“Our perspective is so limited. We keep forgetting that God’s love does not show itself only in protection from suffering.  It is of a different nature altogether.  His love does not hate tragedy. It never denies reality.  It stands firm in the teeth of suffering.” Elisabeth Elliot, Be Still My Soul, Page 53

Over and over again I rely on my circumstances to define my happiness and my relationship with the Lord.  Inevitably, my circumstances are ever changing and sometimes not for the better.  God reminds me in this that he is still good, and he is still constant.


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