Wisdom from My Woes

This past Saturday I partook in my first craft fair. It was quite the experience.  The craft fair was held at a school and most booths were in the hallway. This had it’s opportunities. In light of my educational experience as a rookie to the craft world, I happily pass along this knowledge to you.

1. Know your space.  The location of the craft fair was inside and had varying degrees of lighting. I recommend bringing your own lighting and extension cords.
2. Have Change.  I think I only had one customer pay the exact amount. Five dollar bills and one dollar bills will become your friends.
3. Be Friendly.  I am an introvert by nature, so these situations push my comfort zone. The most difficult aspect to balance was knowing how to balance letting someone browse and engaging them.  It’s always important to put the customer first, so I suggest asking how their doing or how their day is going. If someone takes the time to stop in your booth explain your product, your process, and why you love it.
4. Be Confident. Honestly this was difficult for me. I love designing my products and making them, but putting them out for critique is tough.  Not to mention, the booths on either side of me had been to several craft fairs and had been in business for a while. This brings me to number five.
5. Gain Insight.  Engage the other sellers. Most of them are super friendly and love to share advice. I had one owner give me some general knowledge and some specific to my products. Although you want to remain confident in your product, it’s important to be humble enough to take and ask for advice from others.


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