Hurrying Hostess

As much as I love Christmas and all the fun that comes along with it, I do not love the rush it sometimes brings.  This year I am hosting Christmas Eve. I committed to not driving myself crazy with prep work the day of.  A portion of this commitment rested on planning ahead.  I’ve got to admit I may have a bit of a control issue.  I have three calendars.  Three.

Back to the previously scheduled program. I decided almost a month ago my dinner menu.  I went with lasagna; what I love about this dish is that it’s all in one dish.  I don’t have to clutter up my table or my kitchen.  I like to serve a salad or broccoli on the side, but I keep sides pretty simple.  I am trying out a new lasagna recipe, so if it is a success I will pass it along! Currently, I have accomplished some of the meal prep, but some has to wait, dear ingredients, patience is a virtue.  One thing I have worked on is setting the table.  All though it is a simple table scape I like my guests to feel important and loved by taking the time to set a nice place for them.

ChristmasTable - 2

I am in love with our Christmas china, though I am very sad it is discontinued.  No wonder it was on clearance.  So many emotions going on over here.  One thing you will notice missing from my table is a giant centerpiece.  There are a few reasons for this.  One, we have a smaller dining room table because we have a smaller dining room.  Two, I am a bit of a minimalist and like to have just what I need and incorporate that into the beauty of a room.   Three, I would be moving it for more important things, like food.

ChristmasTable - 1


Moving on with Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and dessert.  Nothing complicated on the dessert menu here.  I stared working on a hot chocolate bar and will serve it with some chocolate bark. Chocolate is a staple in my diet, cheap therapy people.

ChristmasTable - 5bw

Of course, simple does not indicate boring or unglamorous, make your meal fun with dishes and decor you already have. Everything on this table has been moved around from other places in our home, for instance the greenery came from a vase in our bedroom.

ChristmasTable - 3

I hope you enjoy your Christmas and have some time of peace and rest with your family.

Many blessings,




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