Out With The Old (Part One)

The transition between Christmas and New Years brings upon purging in our home. As years go by we realize somethings are never used and in light thrown to the side. Practicality, I have no interest in storing items that are not useful to me or my family. We are just not equipped with excess storage in our cozy cottage. Emotionally, I get a thrill on getting rid of stuff. There’s something about packing up boxes, putting them in the car, and dropping them off somewhere else that just makes me jolly.

So how do I decide what to purge? Well, I’m glad you ask I’ve been dying to share!
1. Have I used it in the last year?
2. If not, is it seasonal or a family heirloom?
3. Does it make me happy?
4. Is it useful to me or someone in my family?
5. Do I know someone who currently needs this item?

If the answer is no, it’s time to donate, recycle, or toss it.


Now that it’s time to say our goodbyes, how do I decide it’s new home?

1. Is is damaged in anyway? (If so it may need to relocate to the trash.)

2. What kind of item is it?

Household items and clothing I take to our local rescue mission. Home fixtures and hardware I like to take to Habitat for Humanity. There are locations nationwide. I also suggest asking around if someone knows and individual or family in need, especially if it is a nicer item.

Happy New Years Eve!

Part two coming soon!


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