In with The New (Part 2)

The New Year means new resolutions, new plans, and new adventures.  This is the time of year many choose to organize or re-organize depending on how much chaos lives in your home.  I am no master organizer, but I enjoying getting things in order, although sometimes it seems to last only a few hours.  Everyone has a different system that works for them. Some of use are more detail oriented than others and like everything to have it’s place, but others of us would just like out home to not look or smell like a hippopotamus is living there.  A good start is to determine some clutter free zones.  This may just be the living room for you or maybe it’s the whole house.  In our house it includes the open living area (den, kitchen, and dining room), the guest bathroom, and the guest bedroom.  I want people to feel welcome in my home and feel comfortable being there.  In order to manage this plan I keep baskets throughout the house.  Most serve double duty for decor as well.  The great thing about baskets is that they make pick up easy are capable of hiding clutter.  Here’s how we use baskets in our living room:

  1. Hide the plethora of dog toys.
  2. Store extra pillows and throws.
  3. Hold everyday shoes in the entry closet.


There are so many ways to use them for storage and are much prettier than that clutter!

Happy organizing!


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