Snow Day!

Southerners have mixed opinions about winter weather. Some are elated at the first flake, while others flock to the store in terror to stock up on milk sandwiches. One thing stands true for all of us in the south, we were made for warmer weather.  I know many that still love to bundle up and play out in the weather, but you won’t find this gal outside.  As much as I love exploring the outdoors in warmer months, in the winter I embrace cabin fever to the fullest. I have my list of snow ice day staples, which include coffee, hot chocolate, tea, fire, chili, blankets, fuzzy socks, and cuddling with the dog.

A dusk view from our nicely warm and heated home.

Snow16 - 1

While the coffee and fires have been great, there have also been some fierce attacks on home and booth projects around here.


Hope everyone experiencing the storm is safe and sound!

Happy excuses for more coffee,


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