So life has been a little coo coo in our nest.  I have been filling orders and adding to the booth, while Thomas works steadily on our sunroom. Home renovations are no joke.  I know I gave a glimpse into this journey before, but I want to be real with y’all before you decide to get crazy like we did. Let me break down what has happened thus far.

August 2015: Decided to transform screened porch into sunroom and obtain permit.

Deer - 1 (1)

September 2015: Demolished tile and wood posts; Broke up tile, removed siding, etc.

Deer - 1 (2)

October 2015: Started framework. This month was a little slower because it was prime deer season (and I don’t work without my supervisor. We could also call this a pumpkin spice prolonged coffee break.)

Blog Christmas - 16

November 2015: Finished framework and placed windows and door. Added siding back on the house.

Dec11 - 7

December 2015: Finished siding and completed the exterior.

January 2016: Electrical work completed.

February 2016: Insulation installed and began working on ceiling boards.

This is just a glimpse of the project. Each step has brought its own trials and difficulties. A more recent example would be our electrical installation, because the area was classified as a porch before it only required one outlet. We wanted and needed more the that in the room, but the wiring was a mess. Our breaker box is located in the garage. Thankfully the only space between the garage and the sunroom is the breakfast room. Unfortunately the attic space above the breakfast room had no boarded area to walk on; it was only beams. This meant that in order to complete the original project, we would also need to build a walkway, yet another project. This has been a common theme during the renovation. While there have been a lot of challenges, it has been a lot of fun too. We have enjoyed seeing the fruit of our labor and making out house a home. For our family the benefit outweighed the cost of our DIY project, but I encourage everyone to carefully consider the pros and cons of a larger project before diving head first.  More to come on the progress later!

Happy hardwork and hammers,


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