As much as I love creativity and coming up with new ideas and products, I’ve been falling quite short over the last couple of months.  Much of this is due to the approaching change inching its way into our lives.  Only a few months into our marriage Thomas and I felt a burden on our hearts for those that can’t speak for themselves, for those that have been abandoned, for the orphan, for their family.  In our particular county at any given point the number of foster children ranges from 250 to 300 kids in “the system.”  The ages ranges from birth (I mean right out of the womb) to 18.  These kids are left alone, abused, forgotten.  Their circumstances are real, and so are their parents.  When most think of “orphan care” they think about the child.  Many forget that there is another side, there is another mommy and another daddy.  The uniqueness of foster care within the role of orphan care is that there is another family on the other side (hopefully) fighting for their child, making means to become a whole unit again.  In April of this year Thomas and I began taking classes to better educate ourselves on foster care, the system, the process, and how to love these kids and their biological parents.  I’m sure you are wondering why we are crazy enough to do this…  How could we love a child and give him back?  How can be give up our time to parent someone else’s child? How could love a child that may not look anything like us?  (Yep, all questions we have actually been asked.)  My question is how can we not?

John 14:18 “I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.”



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